Friday, 24 June 2016

Squishy: Hearty villagers...

I started the game and discovered Katrina's tent. 

When I entered my lucky item was pants. Luckily in Animal Crossing it means trousers.

When I spoke with Jeremiah he seemed a bit more... compassionate than usual. Okay.

I don't know why I'm only noticing this now but the smoke coming out of Iggly's house is in the shape of fish.

I knew there was something fishy about these houses

Chops starting talking about music boxes and hes excited to share a song.

My villagers seem really romantic today. At least June is a perfect month for weddings.

Lastly when I had a little chat with Avery he was talking about a chat he had with Beth.

Thank you for reading. I will see you again on Sunday!

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