Saturday, 14 January 2017

Beth: January Traveling

The other night, I saw the Aurora once again. I love the seasonal features of NL.

My new natural path has now fully grown! I'll probably decorate it a lot more than this, but it's nice to get some trees planted.

Late last night (while waiting for Friday Night Forest), I played some more Desert Island Escape. There appears to be a lot more snakes (and harder navigation) as the levels get harder!

I'm still getting low scores on all of the beginner levels, and I'm not sure really how to get a higher score :P

I unlocked the first few intermediate levels and found I actually got a bigger percentage of the points I should be aiming at!

At just before 3am, I took a few photos around town before heading to Forest. I really like how hazy it gets at night/early morning sometimes.

Mike also came round and we headed to Jeff's house. We were upstairs in the frog room when Jeff went AFK, so me and Mike pushed him downstairs :P

We ended up in the basement, where Jeff came back and proceeded to block us on the sofa. When we escaped, we blocked him in a corner for a while. Eventually, we all escaped the extremely gold room that I found slightly too bright at 3:30am ;)

At around 4am my time, Meli joined us! 

We headed to the campground to see Hopkins and hang out.

In Hopkins RV, I bought this milk carton, which looks suspiciously like OJ. 

Jeff told us he fancied coffee, so we all went to queue up at The Roost.

I headed to the metal bench to drink mine, when we DC'd. It was around 4:20am at this point, so Jeff didn't re-open. Thanks for a nice night, Jeff, Mike and Meli!

Today, Chai asked me to collect signatures for the Competitive Nom-Nom Club. Sounds like fun, so I'll hopefully get signatures for her later ;) If I can join too, sounds like it'd be worth it!

Filbert asked me to visit his house and have a 'tiny little adventure' around town. I misread his dialogue though, and thought he wanted to come to my house :P So we did have a bit of an adventure around town!

When we finally arrived (after that little confusion), I tried to buy Filbert's weirdly placed lamp. But he wouldn't let me!

Instead, I bought his coconut palm which also doesn't really fit the whole space theme.

Redd was in town, so I bought the real painting using Jeff's art guide.
Thanks for reading! Before I go, I'm going to leave you with my Nintendo Switch Discussion video which has just gone live!

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