Thursday, 6 April 2017

Beth: Cherry Blossom

Sorry I didn't post the other day guys - I've been so busy but I'm at the end of my term now so I'll have a few weeks free after tomorrow!

 The other day, Pashmina asked me if I could bury a time capsule for her. I agreed.

Sheldon asked for a new greeting, and I chose a cheesy one :P Who doesn't want to be told they're beautiful every time they talk to him?

I wandered around town, and found Walker's house plot!

While I was near his house plot, I found a money rock. I actually thought it was a fake rock, which proves how little I've been playing :P

I also visited Katrina - which will hopefully let me have the shop on Main Street soon.

I updated my dream address while the pretty cherry blossom is out!

Today, Pashmina asked me to play hide and seek. I haven't played for a while, so I agreed!

 I met Walker for the first time today! It's nice to have him back in one of my towns :)

While I was exploring town to search for villagers, I saw Chevre. She asked to buy a ruby I had in my pockets - and I expected a low amount. But it wasn't that bad!

I found Pashmina, and got a little bit up close and personal with her :P

I've also been taking a few photos around town while the cherry blossom is still out!

Thanks for reading, see you over the weekend with a Splatoon 2 Testfire video!

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