Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Beth: Preparing for Christmas

 Yesterday, I put up the little Christmas stuff I have. At the moment I have a wreath and a turkey! I was going to put the turkey out for thanksgiving, but I completely forgot.
 Shep asked if he could move out, so I time traveled forward a couple of days to make space for a new villager! More on that later.

 I also visited my lovely friend Amy's town of Babville via dream address! She's had a great idea with the town - of moving in all of the villagers from the new Sanrio cards (and Inkwell)! 

 She made it to help people decide if they wanted to purchase Sanrio cards, and it made up my mind. I ordered some last night and they should arrive by next week :D

 If you'd like to visit this town, the code is 7C00-0200-2D96. You can find out more here!

 This is the first time I've been to a dream town since the update, and it was my first chance to see how they block off the campsite! It's actually a little ugly compared to how I imagined it :P

 I visited Jeff last night and saw snow for the first time in Forest!

I love how Jeff has redesigned his main room! It looks awesome in black and red.

 It was interesting to see what the Wii U & 3DS say when you try and play them in other towns. I don't think playing Desert Island Escape would take up a whole afternoon :P

 I then headed over on my main character to collect Julian. He seemed so surprised when I
asked him to move to Acorn that he even opened his eyes! Maybe he wanted to see what his new mayor would look like? :P

 But it didn't take much persuasion to get him to agree to moving! He was originally meant to go to Merka, but as she wasn't around, Jeff asked me if I'd like him. He's actually one of the characters I've always liked in NL - so I was happy to accept!

 After selling some perfect apples in Forest, I finally managed to pay off the museum renovation.

 I also added some new mush furniture from Arrested. Surprisingly though, I still haven't completed it - and I'm not sure that they're even still available in town.

 Today, I noticed the trees may have have darkened yet again! I'm not 100% sure as I play at several times of day, but it looks different.

 I attended the ceremony for the museum gift shop. Honestly, I probably won't use it at all. But at least I can get The Roost now!

 I am happy I've got Celeste though - she's always been one of my favourite characters (even when I played Wild World as a kid) and I'm happy to have her around.

 Today, I saw the house plot for Julian! I'm really happy with it, he hasn't destroyed anything I wanted to keep.

Before heading off, I went up to the campsite and bought a succulent plant! It's one of my favourite items from HHD, so I'm happy to have it in NL.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Thursday with another post.

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