Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Beth: ACHHD: Timmy Amiibo Card

Although I've owned Happy Home Designer since soon after the European release, I've only ever played with one Amiibo card...Isabelle's. This is simple due to the fact they're just too expensive for me. £5 for 3 random cards, and I'm likely to get duplicates? No thank you.

But when in CEX (a second-hand game store) the other day, I found something very interesting. A Timmy Amiibo card for 25p! If there's any way I'm going to start collecting these things, I think I just found it.

 I made sure to call up Timmy as soon as I got home!

 As with Isabelle's challenge, Timmy leaves his house up to the designer.

 But still it only felt right to create a cosy and comfortable log cabin for them. It just seemed perfect for raccoons!

 Even though you design the home for Timmy, his brother Tommy joins in and lives there too! I made sure to put in two cabin beds for them.

 And in the back, a modern but comfortable bathroom.

 Hmm..stretches in front of your brother, who is asleep on the toilet? Why?

I made sure to visit Timmy again for some better photos after my day working. When I went back, I found Timmy and Tommy in these matching night gowns!

 As you can see, I went with the same theme outside. A cosy log cabin in the woods, but not too far from civilisation.

Finally, if any of you would like to visit Timmy & Tommy, simply scan the QR code above!

Thanks for reading! I'll be back in a couple of days with more New Leaf updates. Meantime, you can keep updated on Twitter.

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