Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Squishy: Missed and moving catch

On Monday Daisy asked for a piece of fruit so I gave her a coconut that I randomly had. Apparently that doesn't count. Really?

LOOK AT THIS! This is why I'm a cat person...

At least one of my dog villagers were useful. Portia requested that I build a lighthouse. Finally!

I wanted to put it where my southern fountain currently is so I told Isabelle to demolish it.

I saw a balloon present float nearby so I went to grab my net and hit, but something weird happened.

I positioned myself at the cliff's edge while I went through my inventory and I accidently equipped my axe. While still in my inventory the corner of my axe popped the balloon. Random but at least I got a balloon clock out of it.

Iggly wanted a new catchphrase and this time I didn't fail to deliver.

Well... I delivered, but I think I still failed.

Today I realised that I still didn't play so I rushed to the Nookling's store to buy some fertiliser only to find out that they closed nearly an hour ago. Grrrr.

Looks like Retail is accepting frogs for extra.

Filbert... You didn't see anything...

Just when I was about to catch talk to him, he pinged me. He said that he was moving out on the 8th of this month.

It must be because he's up for sale. I actually thought about it for a bit. I want to get rid of a few animals since I have two frogs, two dogs and two penguins. Since I kind of like Jeremiah more I decided to let Camofrog go.

Before I ended for the night I set up the lighthouse to collect funds. I forgot how expensive it was.

I even used the blue roses to make it look nicer!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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