Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Squishy: Animal Crossing Direct predictions

We haven't had an Animal Crossing direct since about 2013 so its great to hear that a direct is coming on the 3rd November (at least in Japan). I'm going to say my predictions here. Some will make sense while others will simply be things I want. Lets get started.

Lets start with the more obvious stuff. I think they will talk about the new amiibo cards coming out and possibly release the update for New Leaf.
This next part mainly caters to the players. They release Animal Crossing Wild World on the Wii U eshop. Now is the best time to do it before the NX releases.
When the direct gets closer and closer...
Next up is something a bit weird. I wouldn't mind if this didn't happen but if they released an actual K.K Slider CD I can see many Animal Crossing fans being really happy.
Lastly and possibly the most impossible they should announce a proper Animal Crossing game. It would more than likely be on NX at this point. If it happens then I'm buying it day 1.
So those were my predictions (there are a few more but I can't remember) What do you guys want from the direct. Thanks for reading and it will be back to New Leaf next time.

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  1. I'm sure there used to be a K.K. Slider CD, I remember seeing it on the Nintendo UK store last Black Friday!