Monday, 26 June 2017

Squishy's thoughts and playthrough of Miitopis Demo

Miitopia is a game that I wasn't expecting to enjoy. Anytime I saw footage of it I didn't think much of it. Well that changed a lot (so much that I originally had almost 100 photos to go through, RIP). So here are my thoughts on the Miitopia Demo. (try to keep a count of how many times I say anything with the word "Mii" in it. Good Luck!)

It starts with the main story. What happens is that all of the Miis in Miitopia are hetting there faces stolen by the Dark Lord and its up to you and your squad of Miis to defeat him. Its a basic story but they can't really do much with Miis. Plus watching the faces get removed from the Mii's heads is actually really creepy.

The first hero I chose was Mii me. Squishy!

After running from a creepy butterfly I end up in a little town filled with Miis of popular celebrities and characters, like this weird couple!

or a starky Abraham Lincolm

After talking to all of the town's people the Dark Lord appeared, who I had to choose. You had the option to pick a Mii from either Mii Central (a cyberspace full of random Miis that people have made), Mii Maker, your Friend List or even from your Tomodachi Life Island. You can also make one from scratch. There's even a random button for Mii Central which gave me some funny results.

After thinking about it for a bit, I wanted the main characters in the story to either be my friends or some Youtubers I watch. In the end I went with this...


After that a random voice form above gave me a...

Am I the only one that yelled that in an epic voice?

I got to choose what job my Mii was going to have. I decided to make myself a mage.

After a bit of adventuring I had to choose a companion. I chose Beth and made her a Cleric for healing purposes.

After every area yu party can rest in an inn. Why the world has so many inns I don't know but its handy!

You can put your Miis in the same room to improve their friendship which makes them better in battle.

While at the inn I removed Beth's weird hat. That's better!

You can also let your Miis go buy stuff. This reminded me of Animal Crossing New Leaf so I let her buy it.

After exploring the game a little, I found a place to scan amiibo to get the character's costume

After playing for a while I got a third party member. Jeff the warrior! Huzzah!

I met up with Proton Jon again and the Great Sage Chuggaaconroy appeared (because you can't have Proton Jon without Chuggaaconroy).

I decided not to spoil anymore of the story so here are some fumy photos.

I also got my fourth party member, Chack the Pop Star (the other two jobs available are the thief and the chef.)

Some of the things these Miis say are priceless!

While walking around Chack wanted a battle cry. I couldn't think of anything that would fit 26 characters so I just made him say "For the glory of Miitopia"

Sometimes in the inns (couldn't word that better) the Miis will have conversations in their rooms. Here's one that Beth and Chack were having.

Oops1 Secrets out!

At this point I finished the demo (thanks a lot Beethoven for ruining the fun).

Final thoughts
Overall this game is a lot better then I expected. It made me actually laugh out loud which doesn't happen often. I will be sure to buy the full game when it releases. Thank you for reading and if you haven't tried the demo, I highly recommend it.

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