Saturday, 6 August 2016

Beth: Cranberry Koalas

 The other day, I headed over to my friend Jodie's town for a bit. She seemed a little shocked to find a new house plot in town!

 To be fair, Jodie likes to hang on to her villagers, so it probably was a little weird to see a new one arriving!

 I met Jodie's resident bunny, Dotty, around town. Funnily enough I've had her in old towns before!

Last night, I set up another PWP, this time a bridge. One of the main reasons for my map was to put a bridge near here.

Today, Lily invited me over to her house. Which was literally right there.

She then told me her couch is perfect for just lounging and reading. Can I have one too?

 I donated some fossils as I do every day, and completed the Mammoth!

 While talking to Elvis, I noticed he's picked up on Olivia's catchphrase. Which is kind of appropriate and cute :P

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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