Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Beth: Why I Don't Fast-Travel in Breath of the Wild

As I'm sure you all know, I'm a big Breath of the Wild fan and I play almost daily. One of the best things for me is definitely the expansive world, and the fact it includes many different places to explore.

When I started playing, my initial goal was to find all of the towers and complete the map of Hyrule. As it happened, I ended up avoiding using horses for this. Why? Because if you're not using paths, horses are practically impossible to ride. They can't ride over as much as a stone, and you have to be on a completely smooth, flat area to ride effectively.

I wanted to climb over mountains and climb towers. A horse was no use.

But I soon hit another snag - I hate fast-traveling. There are two main reasons for this.

1. I'm missing everything on the way! If I walk, I can explore shrines, memories and much more. Fast-travel means I skip all of that.
2. Is it just me...or does it feel slightly like cheating?

I'm not saying I never use fast-travel. I do. But when I can, I try and skip it. For a long time, I used my feet (or Link's feet) to get everywhere. I climbed most of the map, and it's only now that I'm starting to see the positive side of using a horse.

At the moment in the game, I'm building Tarrey Town. That means collecting infinite bundles of wood and traveling from the far east of the map to Goron City, Gerudo Town and Rito Village.

I haven't used fast-travel at all, but I have been using horses. Why?

It's simply faster and easier. It's faster to use paths as I'm heading to specific towns that all have pretty-direct paths to. It's easier because I don't have to keep climbing over mountains and swimming across lakes.

And another bonus? On a fast horse, galloping, it's pretty hard for monsters to catch me. I've trotted through Bokoblin camps, trampled over Lizalfos' and dodged Guardians.

Yet even on a horse, I've already come across another memory and a few shrines!

What do you think? Do you use fast-travel or still love seeing the world, like me?


  1. I still have to play BoTW but in general it depends.

    If I pick up a game wanting to get something in particular done I will fast travel to place where I need to be. However if I'm not in a rush to be anywhere, I will use that time to explore and walk around at my own pace

  2. I definitely don't consider teleporting cheating, since it's an intentional feature of the game. I do use it often, particularly when I'm going somewhere specific. But there are also times when I just wander on foot so I can stop and look at anything that catches my eye. I'll be doing even more exploring after I complete the story mode.