Sunday, 30 July 2017

Beth: ACNL: Rainy Acorn

I forgot to mention last time - me and Squish are changing schedule! My Tuesday and Thursday posts fell exactly on the days I work, so now I'm changing to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Squish is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

 I spotted a very big flower today :P Just kidding, it's Bunnie hiding!

Once again, she mentioned not seeing me for a while. Ahh, I'm sorry! Maybe I'll actually be able to find time to play this summer before I head back to college?

Maybe Saharah comes from somewhere that's actually warm, instead of rainy like England & Acorn?

Harvey, however, was learning how to dance in the rain :P As long as he stays dry under that little hat!

I made sure to check out my house before I saved for the day. It's not ideal, but it's okay for now. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it more soon!

Thanks for reading!

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