Saturday, 15 July 2017

Squishy: The origins of Squishy the Orange Smuggler

I played today and realised that I missed the Bug Off. I'm not a huge fan of the Bug Off but I wanted to participate at least once this year. Theres always August.

At least I didn't miss the award ceremony. Congrats to Flurry, Filbert and Daisy!

When I spoke to Daisy, she was surprised that I didn't get a trophy. How? I wasn't even there.

She told me about a stump maker called Crepe (insert squiggle over the E here, I can't remember the proper name for it)

I decided to finally do something that I've been putting off for the last few months, sell my perfect fruit in another town. I started by gathering the ones in my orchard and putting them with the others I had in storage.

Then I went to Jeff's town to smuggle them. He was the one who nicknamed me the orange smuggler and it kind of stuck. Here is his blog post about it for reference.

Its been a while since I've been in Forest since there's a five hour time difference (plus I haven't been leaving Cosmic lately).

I ended up with roughly 550,000 bells from that. I also quickly left Jeff some oranges and a message :P

When I was done I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and Jeff showed up out of nowhere. He actually scared me a little.

Then he brought out his glow wand and became the scary yellow wand monster. Eeeek!

Jeff then ended the session. Thank you Jeff for letting me sell at your town.

I put most of my bells in my bank account but I used the rest to pay off my lighthouse. It will be ready tomorrow and I can start the Fortune Teller's shop.

Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!

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