Sunday, 23 July 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #14

I've been planning to go back to the Yiga Hideout for a while, so after Jeff gave me a few tips I headed back!

I managed to sneak through the main part of the Yiga hideout by dropping mighty bananas. It's very helpful that Yiga are so drawn to them!

I ended up in a seemingly inescapable room, ready for Yiga's to jump out of nowhere and attack me :P I ended up giving the room a bit of a search and uncovered an exit with magnesis after getting a few chests.

Outside the hideout, a cut scene showed me this guy. As it turns out, this was some kind of Yiga boss, and I had to get past him.

Master Kohga tried to throw bomb type things at me, but I managed to use magnesis and throw them right back at him.

I received a Thunder Helm for defeating him, and the new task of traveling back to the Gerudo chief.

Back in Gerudo Town, the chief appreciated my gift and triggered a memory when she put it on!

The chief took me towards the last Divine Beast on her sand seal. She gave me bomb arrows to help knock the beast down!

I used the arrows to shoot the feet of the beast before it let me on.

I managed to get to the map terminal and start exploring a little, but I haven't got to any others yet. I have noticed this beast is a little more complicated though, with more than one part that rotates.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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