Sunday, 16 October 2016

Beth: My birthday!

The other day, I bought a kiwi stool from T&T. Not for any particular reason, but I did wonder what designs were available for it. It turns out the only other one is yellow, so I probably won't keep it for my house.

 I hate you. That's what I think.


 So am I, Sheldon. After all...

 Lily asked for a new catchphrase. I wasn't in a punny frame of mind (I rarely am), so I went with ribbit.

 Late Friday night, Jeff came over to sell some oranges for Arrested. I noticed him head up to Main Street, but didn't say anything ;)

 I headed on early yesterday morning to attend my birthday party...and saw LILY?! Out of all characters, frogs have to be my least favourite species. Especially Diva, who I currently have. Ugh.

But I have to say, I don't mind I tried not to get too mad :P

 In Lily's house, Chevre and Sheldon were waiting for me. I've always loved their little party hats.

 I blue blew out my candles and made a wish while they celebrated with party poppers.

 They gave me a birthday cake :) I made sure not to eat it all at once!

 I kind of wish Chevre had hosted by party, she's my favourite villager by far! But I actually don't mind Lily, and at least Diva didn't turn up.

 After the party, I wished myself happy birthday.

 I went to check my mail, and found a letter from my mum, and one from Jeff :) It played happy birthday and had a K.K. Birthday music box attached! Thanks, Jeff!

 I wandered around in the evening, carrying a balloon and talking to my villagers. Luckily I didn't bump into Diva, because she's more of a Halloween present than a birthday present.

 I also spotted a notice on the board wishing me happy birthday!

 Even though Jeff had given me the lovely music box, I still headed up to listen to the live version of K.K. Birthday and get a normal copy!

 I visited Jeff this morning, and found more horror! I have a feeling Camofrog is from Arrested.

 We stood for a few minutes and looked at the clouds. I love how hazy it gets in the early morning.

 Back in Acorn, I reorganised my house slightly to fit the birthday cake on the side.

 Lily asked me for a new greeting, so being my imaginative self, I chose 'hi flower' to match her name.

I found a black lily around town, so I placed it by the campsite. I'll probably keep this bit with black lilies, orange tulips and clovers if I can. Maybe mushrooms too!

 That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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