Thursday, 20 October 2016

Nintendo Switch Reveal

Hi everyone! Welcome to this random/discussion post, where we'll be talking about the brand new, not yet released Nintendo Switch!
As I'm sure most of you know, there have been rumors for months about the NX, and we were finally promised a trailer yesterday by Nintendo.

I managed to watch the trailer minutes after it went online, and wow I'm impressed! We'll start by watching the trailer, then analyzing the video and finishing off with my thoughts.

The analysis

The first thing noticeable about the Nintendo Switch is the home console feature. A small black console sits next to a TV. The game being played looks like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which indicates it's release for the console.
As the video continues, it shows the controller for the home console being taken apart and made into a handheld screen with a circle pad and a few classic buttons from the DS. An obvious difference from earlier home consoles is the lack of a flip-screen - so far the Switch handheld version looks more like the PlayStation Portable.
A cartridge is shown being placed into the Switch here, which could allow for backwards compatibility with the Wii U and DS/3DS. Handy stands are presented flipping out of the back of the Switch, and the controls are then removed from around the screen.
So, simply, the screen will be able to stand alone while you use it's detachable controls to play. In the video, our 'character' arrives home and places the screen/handheld back into the home console, which kind of acts like a dock. I may be wrong, but I'm getting the impression this is how it could be charged.
He then uses a classic-style controller to play, which is different to any of the standard Wii (U) controllers we've seen yet. In fact, it appears to be similar to the Wii U Pro controller. One thing I noticed was the assortment of controllers and ways to play. As far as I can tell, the two sides of the screen controller are also available for multiplayer games, and can allow two people to play (kind of by splitting the controller in half).
But Nintendo aren't finished yet! They also reveal the ingenious idea of the screen being attached to the back of a car seat, allowing entertainment on long journeys.

The facts

  • IGN has confirmed Amiibo support for the Switch, in questioning with Nintendo.
  • Multiple controllers will be included with the console
  • Even though Skyrim is shown in the Switch trailer, Bethesda have not confirmed any specific titles - even though they are apparently happy to have 'the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo.'

My thoughts

Honestly, I'm already loving the idea. I saw rumors months ago that it would be a home and handheld console combined, and I have to say it sounded like a dream.
Overall, I think this could be a great move on Nintendo's part. It's obvious they haven't had the best couple of years with sales, especially with the Wii U sales being so low. But the uniqueness and portability of the Switch are definitely appealing so far, and I truly believe if this is done could bring Nintendo back.
NOTE: The Switch has an Amazon listing, and is available to set a notification for when it will be available to pre-order.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on the NX?


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