Sunday, 2 October 2016

Squishy: The signs are working!

Last Friday I got a surprise letter from Chops saying that he moved out. YES!

I finally got a chance to meet Kid Cat. I really wish he wasn't on my path.

Good. Keep an eye out for path destroyers.
I finally finished paying of my flower clock.

I shook the only non fruit tree in town and got stung by bees.

My town tree is finally able to be sat on. It shows everything that happened in my town so far.

Yesterday my flower clock was completed.

Before I forget here is the fairytale town hall during the day.

Here is the ceremony for the flower clock.

Deirdre pinged me with a pleasant surprise. She said that she was moving out on the 6th of this month.

Those signs that I put down might actually be working. Only two more villagers to deal with.

Chops' house was in the way of the place where I wanted the café. So I finally got that set up. Since I'm broke this might take a while.

I saw Jack while talking to Isabelle so I turned around to become his subject.

I got a ghost mask from him

Blaire asked for some fruit but I wanted to test if a bamboo shoot counted as a fruit in the game. It didn't but what she said was kind of funny.

On Main Street I saw two of the superheroes possibly talking about their next mission. Maybe they will meet Big Top and Agent S in Forest.

During October Halloween masks will be sold at Able Sisters.

Halloween furniture and candy (which I bought for Shrunk) will also be sold.

Today in town Blaire wanted to give me a new nickname. She recommended "Kiddo" but I changed it to be my real name. Leave in the comments if you can actually say it.

I went into Able Sisters and finally unlocked the sewing machine!
Which reminded me to change to my colder weather clothing.


Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time.


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