Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Beth: Visitors, movers, meteors and fishing

 Last week, Jeff came over to briefly watch the meteor shower with me! Bunnie joined us for a bit.

 Shrunk taught me the shyness emotion! Out of all of them, I like this one maybe the best...I'm not quite sure why.

 The other day, Shep arrived in my campsite. He's not one of my favourite villagers, but I like him a lot as one of my friend Naomi's favourites. So when he quickly asked to move in, I couldn't resist.

 My brother and I visited each others towns while we were traveling. I love his hipster look ;)

 Lily asked me to play hide and seek, and I agreed. Everyone was pretty easy to find - especially Lily!

 Diva gave me some great news! She's decided to leave town! Maybe she picked up on the vibes I was trying to send out to her ;) Now she just needs to realise I'm not going to be visiting her anytime soon.

 I met a brand new villager...who's house is just as ugly as the villager. Of course...he must be here to replace Diva!

 I also saw Shep's house plot.

 I quickly popped over to Forest last night, and Jeff gave me a Super Star. Today, Lily asked me for some furniture - so I passed it on to her!

 Today, I noticed a reminder for Halloween on Monday. I must check I have some candy and masks!

 I had another camper...and I had Alfonso! I'm not too keen on him, so I left him.

 Francine asked me for an ocean fish, which took me longer than I expected to catch! I ended up donating a few before giving her one.

 I talked to Sheldon, and thought he was discussing Cobb. Instead, he meant Shep!

 Poor Shep must have heard him, and decided to hide his face when I went to pay him a visit.

Last but not least, I finally changed my eye colour! This kind of matches my eyes in real life, so I'll probably keep them like this.

Thanks for reading!

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