Sunday, 30 October 2016

Beth: Spooky Forest

 The other day, Shep bought my wheat field. I have no idea whether he bought it for a good price or not, though.

 I collected yet another emotion from Shrunk.

I then went to shop around for a Halloween mask, but ended up buying a King Tut mask. I wouldn't usually bother, but you can glitch with these, so I did.

 Redd was in town, and I bought the mystic statue he had. I didn't have internet at the time though, so I'm hoping it's real.

 On Friday night, I headed to Jeff's town for FNF. He had a Halloween theme, which is why I was wearing the cat outfit! Squishy joined us.

After a while, we headed to the island to do some tours. I had a lovely night with Jeff and Squishy! Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading!

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