Sunday, 30 October 2016

Squishy: Brew, Badges and Bushes!

On Friday afternoon I got a better photo of my Café sign.

I did the money rock and realised that a flower was in the way. Noooo.

When talking to Avery he almost said something... rude.

This blog is family friendly, bird brain.

Luckily he just needed a new catchphrase. This isn't one of my most creative ideas.

Gulliver gave me a chocolate coin for getting the country wrong so I put it to good use.

Shrunk didn't seem too grateful.

Kid Cat mentioned moving again. I ended up letting him stay. He may be in the way of my path but he is a cool cat.

 Jeremiah wanted some furniture so I gave him a tiki torch. He basically gave me a toilet in return.

Avery had a flea so I added it to my flea room. Its coming along nicely.

Later on I went to Jeff's town for Friday Night Forest. Beth was also there dressed as a cat.

I smuggled some oranges while I was there. Heh heh heh.

Jeff wore a pumpkin head the whole night and it scared me once.

We looked into the distance with our nets for no reason.

Then had a net fight. 3. 2. 1. GO!!!

Jeff changed his design sign to have his pumpkin design. You can find it and other QR codes on his blog here.

I fell for his pitfall prank again only this time I was put in a coffin.

 We headed to the Island. There were some bushes for sale which I needed so I bought a few.

I also went diving. I haven't been diving in Animal Crossing since my old town so all of my catches were new.

Yesterday I got a present from Jeremiah in the mail.

This would have been useful for my original costume.

Marshal the squirrel was camping in my town. He's pretty cool so I got him to move in after asking over and over again.

You sound like your playing Fire Emblem Fates

I (finally) held the ceremony for my design sign. Try saying "design sign" ten times fast.

I saw Kapp'n in the café enjoying a cup of coffee.

Fun fact; When I was younger I thought he was a parrot.

Brewster told me that I can get coffee to go now. Yay!

 Iggly was talking about a story form another world.

Try being mayor

Today I planted the bushes that I got on the Island.

I got a new badge today! Yippee!

I thought it would be a good idea to plant bushes near the rocks in my town so that I didn't have to dig holes (yay for laziness).

Jeremiah requested a new PWP; A sandbox! that wont be in Cosmic anytime soon.

I also bought turnips for the first time (I forgot to take a picture). This will probably go horribly wrong but bear with me.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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