Saturday, 22 April 2017

Squishy: House-free paths

Kid Cat is gone and my path is finally 100% house free!

Next Saturday is Weeding Day. Its kind of weird how its a day after America's weeding day.

I met Rosie at ReTail. Clearly she doesn't come here often.

Jeremiah invited me over to his pad. Its not as good as Flo but its still kind of cool.

I went to the island to see if a certain item was there (it wasn't). But I did get reminded that adulthood sucks.

Back at the mainland Pietro told me that Rosie and Flurry are mad at each other. They were probably fighting over who is the cutest villager.

I then switched to Joy so that I could fix my paths.

Thank you for reading and have a good Earth Day if you live in America.

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