Monday, 3 April 2017

Squishy: April Fools Day!

On Thursday I saw a new house plot that wasn't far off Avery's spot. Why do villagers move so close to me?

 This reminded me to fix my paths so I went on to Joy and placed them

Saturday was April Fools Day and that means that its time for pranks! Blanca will pretend to be one of your villagers and you have to guess whos the real one based on a random question.

Cherry blossoms have also started showing up on trees. They are so pretty!

Rosie reminded me to go meet Daisy (I didn't play on Friday). She's kind of cool.

While looking for who was being tricked first I caught Camofrog swimming? That tank doesn't look big enough for both of them.

Here's another photo of the blossom trees. They don't suit the Earthbound area but they still look really nice.

Blanca's first victim was Kid Cat. I'm guessing she just had to wear the same clothes and put on a helmet.

It wasn't that hard to guess right...

For every villager you get right you get a picture of that villager.

I was getting them all right until I got to Jeremiah. I took the towel then closed my 3DS to go do something. I forgot what I was doing and chose the wrong Jeremiah. Awww man.

 I never thought that ra andom Japanese movie would help me get a villager's picture.

 Camofrog needs to find a better place to keey his pictures...

In the end I got all except one of them right (damn you Jeremiah).

Thanks for reading and sorry if I scared anyone with my April Fools prank lol.

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