Sunday, 30 April 2017

Beth: ACNL: Weeding Day 2017

Hi guys! As you may know, yesterday was Weeding Day in NL. I made sure to play on both of my cards.

 In Acorn, my main town, I only had one weed!

While hunting for this lone weed, I found a house plot! It's for Rudy the cat. I'm not bothered about him either way, if I'm honest.

It took a while, and the lonesome weed happened to be very hidden :P Can you see it?

Lief gave me a cosmos fan as a reward for finding the weed.

I then swapped cards and played on Arrested, which I own with Jeff. I found another house plot there, for Olaf the anteater!

There were more weeds in Arrested, as I'd let them grow in preparation for Weeding Day.

It didn't take me long (and only one walk round) to find all of the weeds. Leif rewarded me with a violet screen.

I then loaded the game with Lucille and Tobias, which meant I could get the rose sofa and another cosmos fan. I'd have liked a different piece of furniture rather than another fan, but oh well!

Back in Acorn, I changed the time to 6am. I love the hazy, misty early-morning skies.

This allowed me to receive the topiaries from Leif, as I didn't have any weeds in town at all!

As I had reloaded the game on what was essentially a new day, I went to meet Rudy. I honestly thought it was a girl before this moment :P

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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