Saturday, 29 April 2017

Squishy: Weeding Day

Today was Weeding Day in Europe (it was yesterday in America). Lief was in the plaza telling me how many weeds I had to pull. Only 2!

While weeding I find a house plot... and a pitfall!

The house belongs to Portia. I think she's a dog but I can't remember.

Obviously Lief's garden shop is closed today.

When I finished picking the weeds, Lief gave me a rose sofa.

Its originally red but it can be remade to be white or yellow. That's what I did.

Wallpaper is being sold for extra so I sold my egg wall for near 20,000 bells. Nice!

Pietro started talking about trains. He was referencing how the first Animal Crossing had a red train while the one in New Leaf is more updated. Nice reference!

I like traaaaaaains...

I don't know what your talking about Daisy. There were only two and I pulled both.

Thanks for reading and I ope everyone had a good weeding day!

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