Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beth: Quiet Days

Hi everyone! Not much has been going on in Acorn these past few days, but I made sure to play today and keep up with my villagers.

 I mean, I guess Breath of the Wild is fun! So you're right, Rizzo :P

I spotted a clover in front of the clock. I want to create a path of clovers here anyway, so it's actually lucky!

Over the past few days, Pashmina moved out. I liked Pashmina, so it's a shame she's gone, but it's not the worst one to leave. Anyway, I planted extra bamboo where her house was to extend the bamboo forest :)

Yet again, I didn't have furniture as a premium. I have so much stacked up from Easter and Festivale now :P

I got a letter from Pashmina asking me to dig up her time capsule. Inside, I found an MVP shirt. It's okay, but I won't be keeping it.

I went up to the campsite and saw Franklin, who was staying in Acorn. I was tempted by the potato gratin, but I didn't buy anything :P

Up in Main Street, I updated my dream town. It's a shame to have the cherry blossom gone, but I like to keep it on the right season!

While I was on Main Street, I checked my museum to see if I had Redd's real painting of the week. I didn't, so I headed back and bought the painting.

Thanks for reading!

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