Saturday, 1 April 2017

Squishy: Super Smash Photographer!!!

Hello everyone! After a few months of working on this blog I realised that Animal Crossing isn't for me so I brainstormed some other games to play. In the end I decided to become a Super Smash Photographer where I get the best shots of the action.

My skills start strong with this sweet photo of Chrom and Fiora.

Go Waluigi!!! Get your revenge!

I caught Luigi in mid fart. You cannot get more action then that.

 Beware of the Villager! Even Don looks scared.

I never thought that Tom Nook loved photos so much. Villager doesn't look happy though...

Link's newest weapon coming soon to Smash 5. The Shield-Blade!

Uh oh! Mario is #Jelous


It wouldn't be fair to make Resetti suffer alone would it?

Thank you for reading my first SSB Photography post and Happy April Fools Day! If you want a more... uh glorious(?) prank feel free to check out my video here. I will post my Animal Crossing blog entry on Monday!

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