Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Beth: Repeating Dialogue

Hi everyone! We have a lot to catch up on as I've been focusing on other games and the Nintendo Direct for my past couple of posts.

Last week, Jeff brought me some pink roses for Acorn!

Jeff made me laugh when he switched into a design :P

A couple of days later, Julian asked me if he could move out. I refused, as I like having him around!

While walking around town, Chai asked me to deliver a parcel to Julian. He was a little rude in his reply :P

I visited my friend Jodie in real life - and I headed over to her town of Crossing for a bit.

I saw Chelsea while I was there. Jodie got her from one of my Sanrio cards, so it's nice to go and visit her!

Back in Acorn - I tested something out. Did you know that jellyfish don't sting you while you're performing an emotion?

On the last day of the cherry blossom, I took a lot of photos around town.

Up in the campground, we had a choice of chairs for sale :P I will chair-ish this moment.

A day or two later, something strange happened. Not only did Chai ask me to deliver another package to Julian, I also received the same dialogue from both of them. Julian told me exactly the same thing about Chai's wrapping! I don't think I've ever seen that happen before in my 4 years of playing the game.

Walker asked me for some fruit - but the way he asked seemed a little weird. Although, I guess my hands are probably easier to pick fruit with than his :P

The other day, I took part in Bunny Day! This Easter celebration means you collect 6 different types of eggs around town. 

Once you have collected all of the eggs, you can eat them to reveal candy or prize tickets. I quickly received a grand prize ticket and in turn, Zipper's pic.

Even with digging up many dig spots, I still managed to fall in the pitfall of the day :P

You can also receive the egg basket from giving Zipper 6 different types of eggs.

If you are for any reason doing Bunny Day now, or want a guide for next year - check out this one from Jeff's site!

While collecting deep sea eggs, I found some things to donate to the museum.

I tried to see how much eggs are worth by selling them, but it turns out I think I'm better selling the furniture instead :P

Thanks for reading!

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