Sunday, 16 April 2017

Squishy: Bunny Day

Yesterday while playing I noticed that the plaza tree is now green again (along with the other normal trees).

Kid Cat confronted me about moving on the 18th. I decided to let him go. He's a cool villager but I need to see some new faces (or helmets) around town.

 Today in town was Bunny Day (or Easter in the real world).

The goal for this event is to collect six different types of eggs for Zipper T -Creepy- Bunny.

 The six type of eggs can be found in trees (this is why I've been planting trees for the last month),

in rocks,

under gro- excuse me fossil!

There we go! Under ground,

In the water pretending to be fish,

In the skies

and underwater as a sea creature.

You will need a shovel, fishing rod, slingshot, wet suit and a few trees in order to get an egg basket.

 The eggs can also be eaten and you can find tickets inside to get egg furniture. I spent an hour finding as many eggs as possible so that I could sell the furniture.

You can also get grand-prize tickets which are basically nightmares in picture frames.

Sky eggs, water eggs and ocean eggs (can't remember the proper name off the top of my head) are unlimited while the tree eggs, rock eggs and earth eggs are limited to only a few per character.

Camofrog doesn't understand the spirit of Easter

I also got a lot of candy. I guess I'm sorted for Halloween.

 Before I saved and quit my game, I decided to annoy Zipper a little bit.

Thank you for reading. Have a great Easter and don't eat as much chocolate as my character had.

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