Sunday, 2 April 2017

Breath of the Wild #3

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution!

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've posted about BOTW, so we have a lot to catch up with!

I haven't actually completed much of the story over the past few weeks, and I've been mainly finding towers and exploring the world. I may miss a little of the shrines I've done, but I'll be talking in depth below about the past few days when I've been playing more!

 I spent a while following a quest marker, before realising it was taking me to fight a divine beast in Hyrule Castle. I managed to sneak into the castle, before heading out again when I realised how pointless it was to fight in my current state :P

 While traveling, I came across a very important bridge. This is my first memory! 

There was a short cut-scene and a glowing mark on the path to show I was in the place of one of my memories, but other than that...not much happened. I need to head back to Impa next!

 After the cut scene, Link looked shocked as he recounted a memory, and I got a small notification about completing a part of the quest.

 I also noticed the number going down on my adventure log - I now have 11 memories remaining!

 After the cut-scene, I traveled across the bridge - apparently the Bridge of Hylia.

I could see a tower from the top of the bridge, which is where I headed next.

 But no journey is that easy, and I encountered a few enemies on the way!

 Over at the tower, I unlocked a new region. My main goal at the moment is to find these towers and unlock more and more of the map.

 From the top of the tower, I could see another orange glow - which is where I headed next!

 I also came across another stable.

 Beedle was of course there, and I sold and bought a few things from him. It's cool how we touch base with him throughout the game, but it feels so unrealistic how he happens to follow basically the same path :P

 I also found another shrine, and a beautiful view! I love the sunsets and sunrises in this game. The scenery is simply beautiful.

 Inside, I was faced with a simple puzzle. I don't remember getting much from this shrine, apart from another spirit orb of course!

 I continued to travel after completing the shrine, and I found some more travelers on the way to my next tower.

I bought a few things from the trader, including these new fruits. This was maybe my first indication about the tropical manner of the new region.
 I fell in love with this beautiful new region, which consists of beautiful tropical trees and waterfalls. Also, rain. A lot of rain.

In fact, this was kind of annoying. The tower was pretty hard to get, as you can't climb up it easily with low stamina. The only other way is to climb a nearby cliff, but it's virtually impossible with the weather.

After exploring a little, finding another stable and completing the tower, I left. The rain is just too annoying in this region, but my brother (who is much further ahead in the game), did tell me a shrine quest does change that. I'm not ready to commit myself to many quests while I'm still exploring, though.

 Back in Kakoriko Village, I added more stamina to my wheel. 

 I also completed a few side quests, including Flown the Coop. This was pretty relaxing - just searching for Cuccos around the village and returning them to their coop. I also earned 50 rupees from it!

 I also completed a few side quests for Koko, a little kid in the village that offers a few cooking-related side quests. 

 By Dueling Peaks Stable, I caught a new horse and boarded Mei. I called this horse Totoro, to keep with my theme.

 Before I go, I just wanted to drop a little guide about these logos on the loading screen and what they mean. In case you don't know:

- Lives/hearts
- Stamina
- Spirit orbs
- Shrines
- Korok seeds
- Rupees

I hope that helps someone! Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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