Monday, 4 July 2016

Beth: Welcome to Acorn!

Hi everyone! I'll just quickly introduce myself before I dive in. I'm Beth, and I've known Squishy for a couple of months now through our mutual friend Jeff and when she invited me to join in blogging, I couldn't resist! 

I've been playing New Leaf since the European release, and I've played Happy Home Designer, Let's Go To the City (City Folk) and Wild World. I've now had 4 of my own AC:NL towns and one I run with Jeff which you can find out more about here! Since yesterday, my current town is Acorn. And fingers crossed, this one is here to stay.

 Before resetting, I made sure to drop off some of my items at Jeff's town (Forest) so I didn't have to restart with nothing. We said our final goodbyes on my old profile before I left to reset.

 It took around an hour of playing to find the perfect Acorn. I didn't have many requirements, only a map with a river ending on the south beach and a strip of land above the river at the top. That sounds like a lot, but I did have a decent map every time I reset. The difficult thing was finding apples as my native fruit!

By the way, the reason I was intent on apples is purely for landscaping. I love the look of perfect apples, especially with some flowers (like purple pansies).

 I then made sure to head straight to Nook as I already had a good idea about my house placement.

 Now I just have to cross my fingers that I'm far away enough from the river for a bridge to be placed there!

 As you can see, I didn't get great villagers (in my opinion, anyway). The only one I'd like to keep (for a while, at least) is Francine.

 Hell yeah, Benjamin! This town is gonna be off the hook! Now I just need to find those juice boxes...BUSTER!
 It's official! I just hope I can live up to these standards ;)

 I made sure to go and pick up my items from Forest. While I was there, I found a nice dress in my stash and asked Jeff to pick me a random hairstyle. It definitely felt better being more myself and out of those default clothes.

 This morning, I had my very first visitor! While Jeff visited, he showed me how to do this glitch.

 While exploring, Jeff found a new house plot. Another okay-ish villager, but at least they're staying away from my house at the moment.

 After, I headed to Isabelle to get set up. She sent me to Nook's, and I paid off my down payment. I am now trapped in the seemingly endless loop of Nook expansions, yay!

 I also updated the town flag, to an acorn of course. It was only a doodle and probably temporary, but at least it looks more homely now!

Thanks again to Jeff for holding my things, to Squishy for letting me join her here and thank you for reading! I'll be back in a few days with more news from Acorn and a screenshot of my map.