Sunday, 10 July 2016

Beth: Flashing Forest

 It's been a busy week getting Acorn started, even though I've only been able to play on and off.

Earlier this week, Jeff let me over to his town of Forest to steal fruit. I went to the beach to collect bananas and coconuts, and came across a random peach which I stole. I couldn't resist flashing showing off this trick an old friend showed me when I started playing.

 A couple of days later, I loaded up my game to find a new villager - Lily! I have to admit, I have a strong hatred against frogs, but I guess if I had to have any, it would be Lily.

 July brings many bugs, and I wasn't fooled by one of them - the walking leaf, which is disguised as a furniture leaf.

 I then collected all of my flowers for hybrid breeding, and placed them in rows in the south of town.

Today, my brother Matt came over to visit Acorn for the first time and see his first thunderstorm. While he was over, I showed him a glitch Jeff taught me at June's Friday Night Forest.

 Living in England means I have no choice but to agree, guys.

 Wandering around today, I found another house plot. Unfortunately, I'm not keen on Dora either.

 In Able's, I found a watermelon hat. I did check my closet for my old one, but found I didn't transfer it to Acorn (unless Jeff stole it in translation? :P). So I made sure purchase this new one!

 Finally, here's a look at my house at the moment. It's a little random, but I like it :)

 Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Tuesday with my next update.

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