Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Beth: Campsite completed!

It's been a busy couple of days in Acorn!

 Yesterday, I found Katie in town. I was going to ask around to see if anyone wanted her, but later completely forgot.

 The previous day, Jeff had let me borrow his golden axe to clear a part of town, so I started planting perfect apple trees there for money making.

 I went to Retail to sell a few routine things (fossils, etc), and found a surprise! I wouldn't worry though Reese, blue alpacas aren't really my type...especially one's who sleep for weeks.

After selling said items, I paid off my first public works project - the campsite!

 While talking to Olivia today, I found something interesting in her dialogue...I wonder who did that, Matsu?

 I also attended the ceremony for the newly built campsite! Now I can properly start landscaping this area.

 Benjamin asked me for a greeting...and being the imaginative person I am, this is what he got.

With the next PWP available for building, I choose to start development for the park clock! Once these trees are fully grown and flowers are added, I'm hoping this will be a pretty area of town.

 As it turned 2pm, I was surprised to find it had started raining as I left Ables. I had been in there for a while to design this dress!

Thanks for reading, see you soon readers!

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