Sunday, 31 July 2016

Squishy: Avery the Bully

While doing my daily chores tonight I noticed that their was a meteor shower, so I stopped to make a wish.

U noticed that Perfect peaches were selling really well at my Retail. I knew Jeff's native fruit was peaches so I invited him over to sell.

While Jeff was selling I dug up another Pitfall. I haven't even used the first one yet.

When Jeff left I noticed that he left a message. Thank you. :)

Iggly pinged me and gave me the nickname Li'l S. Unlike other randomly generated nicknames I actually like this one so I let him use it.

Watch it! I'm your mayor and I have Pitfall seeds.
Slightly later O'Hare pinged me but when I spoke to him he just started a normal conversation. Okay then.

I got my letter from Gulliver, Inside it was a... slightly warm statue. Thanks...

I sat him next to my Tootoid. It made sense at the time. :P
Lastly I went to the Island and got this really nice photo.


When I got back I caught a mosquito. I can never see them so this is an achievement.

Lastly when I spoke to Avery he told me a story about a girl he liked. You bully.

Guys, here's a tip. You don't have to pick on us for attention.
Thank you for reading and have a great August.


  1. Thanks again for letting me sell my peaches, Li'l S! :P I just got the peeing statue from Gulliver in the mail today too!

    1. Your welcome. I guess Gulliver really needed to go. Haha