Thursday, 14 July 2016

Beth: Easy seeking

While playing on Arrested (the town I share with Jeff) the other day, I came across some interesting dialogue.
 And while visiting his town, I came across an interesting room. I have to say though, once I get over my froggy fears I actually quite like it up here :P

 Back in Acorn, I found out Olivia is from my brothers town of Taured! She must have come through StreetPass, as I didn't adopt her purposely.

 On Main Street, I discovered Kicks being built. I'm not too bothered about Kicks, but this is a step towards Shampoodle.

When I opened up Acorn today, Isabelle told me some good news. I'd actually forgotten all about this!

 Today, Benjamin wanted to play hide-and-seek with me. When I started playing Animal Crossing this had to be one of my favourite parts, so I can never say no now.

 All 3 villagers (Benjamin, Olivia & Tex) were hiding behind houses, so it wasn't exactly a hard game. Benjamin gave me a breaker for finding them all.

I've started to do some landscaping around Acorn now. Simple things like moving some hybrids I found in Taured and planting perfect apple trees.

While wandering, I found a lost item. I quickly found the owner, but I also came across some more interesting dialogue. Why do I have a feeling I don't want to know?

Thanks for reading!

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