Sunday, 5 March 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #1

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution! 

Hi everyone! I was lucky enough to receive a Nintendo Switch on Friday along with a copy of Breath of the Wild. I've been able to play it for a couple of hours in the past few days, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I've completed a couple of main quests and I'll write a little about them below!

 When you first begin the game, you're pretty much naked and in a cave. This turns out to be the Shrine of Resurrection, and inside you find a tablet type item called a Sheikah Slate.

 As you travel through the cave, you find clothes! They might be a little worn, but at least you can leave covered up.

 When you come out of the cave, you see the title screen and a beautiful view.

Once you start the game, the first quest leads you to this tower.
 You end up at the top when the tower rises, and back at the bottom to greet this fellow. The Old Man tells you to complete a quest to collect treasure, which he will exchange for his paraglider. This may not seem like an important thing, but the first region is so high, you cannot explore without it!

 As I explored, I killed many Bokoblin and came across the Old Man's home. I stole his items and read his diary, before moving on with my quest :P

 I realised (with the advice of my brother, who's further ahead than me already!), that I needed to travel between the shrines in the region. In each shrine, I discovered something new - including a few tools such as a giant magnet and a bomb!

 When I'd found all of the shrines, I ended at the Temple of Time, where I came across this statue. Here, you can choose a kind of 'upgrade' on your character. I chose to have an extra heart or 'life', so hopefully I won't die *quite* as much now :P

 On top of the temple, the Old Man is waiting. He tells you the story of the land, and how Link needs to save not only Zelda, but Hyrule.

 After the flashback, he gave me the paraglider. I could then escape the Temple and the region, and begin saving Hyrule!

I have since been back to the Great Plateau to explore areas I didn't see the first time. I have to say, I really like this game so far. It's enticing and constantly keeping me hooked! I adore the scenery too, how could you not love that?

Thanks for reading! I'll be back with another Animal Crossing post on Wednesday, and another Zelda post over at Cafe Nintendo on Thursday!

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