Saturday, 25 March 2017

Beth: Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

 It's an exciting weekend on the Switch front - the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire is out!

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This is essentially a demo, but in a different form to usual. The testifre allows you to play against people all over the world for an hour at a time at six points over the weekend. If you haven't managed to play one yet, there's still 2 chances!

I've played two so far and I'm going to talk a bit about my experiences below. I'll also have a video up soon with my best moments from tomorrows testfire at noon GMT! Please bear in mind that I'm a first-time Splatoon player, and I've never played before this weekend.

 There are two maps available in the testfire - and personally I think they're great! They're both nice, easy to explore maps of a perfect size. The Reef (shown above) is an outdoor city/town, with buildings around. Musselforge Fitness is obviously inspired by a gym/climbing centre aesthetic.

They're not too big that they're intimidating for new users, but I also haven't become bored with them yet. I do have to say these maps are pretty basic, but they're good for beginners and I'm guessing that's the precise reason Nintendo chose to use them for the testfire!

The controls were actually pretty easy to manage, although Jeff has said over in his thoughts that it's much harder for players of the original game!

The only thing I found difficult at first was the camera. You kind of have to move it up and down by moving the joy-cons themselves, and it can be a little hard to get used to at first. I found it okay as long as you keep the Joycon in the same place while you're playing, but it can make aiming a little tricky.

Other than that, the only other gripe I have is the Superjump feature. I tried to follow the instructions, but with not much luck!

The weapons were okay - but obviously I have nothing to base that on. These are the only weapons I've known so far, and honestly I'm not that keen on the original splattershot gun. It was just too simple for me! 

I did like the other - new - weapons though. They were a little more advanced with interesting features. But after trying them all, I ended up going back to the splat roller. It's only a simple roller - but it ended up being the easiest to use for me. I also love the easy coverage and ability to be able to sneak up behind other players and crush them :P

The only gripe I have is how quickly every weapon runs out of ink. You can only cover a tiny distance before you have to refill. However, there is a good thing about refilling. While you're collecting ink, you have a little on-screen bar telling you how much ink you have and when you're completely full.

My overall thoughts are actually pretty good. I've only ever seen videos of Splatoon, so I was planning on buying Splatoon 2 in the summer based on that alone. 

This testfire has definitely confirmed my intentions - and also confirmed that I'm going to be addicted to the full game :P

With new weapons and maps, this game is going to be just great. I can't wait until summer!

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