Sunday, 12 March 2017

Squishy: Going with the Flo

Last Sunday Avery left Cosmic. So long my old friend.

The fresh prince returned to the campsite but I already have enough froggy friends. I didn't need a third one.

The Nookling store was under construction for the last time. I will miss the sound of hammers on Main Street.

On Monday marked the grand opening of T&T Emporium (yes I looked at the image below to get the correct spelling, haha). Sadly it was closed.

At least there was a meteor shower so I made a wish.

On Saturday evening (I didn't play that much since I was in another country half the time) I spotted a house plot which said that Flo was moving in.

I knew she was a penguin but I couldn't remember if she was ugly or not.

I finally got a look at the new department store!

Leif now has a new and improved gardening store with some fertilizer and either a bamboo shoot or a persimmon on display.

And of course the main attraction, GracieGrace!

After buying one of her (expensive) items she gave me a mannequin!

We'll see about that Gracie, we'll see...

Even my character isn't amused with the prices.

Since it was Saturday evening I decided to go to Club LOL for a K.K concert. I requested K.K. Stroll which is a secret song. It makes you wonder how people discovered these songs before the internet.

Blaire was also there... sorry for the rhythm, I guess K.K is rubbing off on me.

One thing I really like about K.K Stroll is this artwork for it. It looks so cute!

Today since I picked up a Rover amiibo (and a Ness). I decided to scan him in.

His -rover- RV represents a train which is a nice throwback to his Gamecube days.

Rover and Tom Nook were friends? Who would have thought?

I bought some things from his RV and ended my session. Thank you for reading and thanks for being patient while I was gone.

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