Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Beth: Sheldon's Request

 Today, I caught up with a few villagers. The amount of college work I've had recently along with the Switch release has kind of thrown me off ACNL!

 Which is why I've set a phone notification to not forget this :P

 Julian asked for a new catchphrase, but I said no. What could possibly suit Julian more than glitter?

 Francine! He hasn't played for at least a couple of months!

 Sheldon asked me for some new furniture - with absolutely no limitations.

 On Main Street, I ordered a new mailbox. This will fit better with my new theme!

 I tried to donate the worthy painting I bought from Redd last time I blogged, but I must already have it.

 Redd was in town again today, so while I was in the museum, I checked to see if I had today's real painting. I do!

 I took a new picture for my TPC, as I still had a pretty wintery photo.

I gave the worthy painting Blathers refused to Sheldon. After all, he really did ask for anything :P

Thanks for reading! I won't be posting on Thursday unfortunately, so I'll see you on Sunday next.

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