Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Squishy: Kid Cat's training

Tonight Pete was at my door to tell me off about my full letter box. Oops!

There was a notice on the bulletin board about the Cherry Blossoms. This is one of my favourite times of year in Animal Crossing.

 I heard there was a throne for sale at the Nookling store. Sadly I forgot that it was almost a million bells!

Imagine Animal Crossing had an easy mode for newcomers of the series that made items cheaper. Similar to Seedling Mode in the Story of Seasons games.

I updated my dream town since the old one still had snow on the ground. Here is my most recent visitor and Cosmic's dream address.

When I went to visit Kid Cat he said that he was training for the Fishing Tourney. That explains the weights!

Rosie told me a silly pun.

Flo told me a story about how she discovered her favourite drink. The main thing I'm curious about is why was a 7 year old allowed to drink caffeine in the first place?

Jeremiah must have heard about Kid Cat's training since it sounds like he's doing the same thing.

Thank you for reading!

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