Monday, 27 March 2017

Squishy: Mother's Day

On Saturday I got a nice surprise. Timbra is moving away!

We will miss you...

Flurry was telling me about Iggly books. He is the last person I would expect to read.

Camofrog was also talking about Iggly. Wow he's the talk of the town.

Rosie was telling me that she wanted to be a movie star. She already has a major role in a movie (not the best movie but still).

Then she started telling fairy-tales.

You want to be in movies and don't even know Cinderella? 

Camofrog almost forgot that the blog was family friendly for a second. Careful there froggy!

He wanted a new catchphrase so like the immature person I am, I made him say this;

I'm enjoying this already
Yesterday was Mother's Day in Europe (which explains why I didn't post then, sorry). Mom sent me some pink carnations. I wore them for the day. 

Pietro wanted some furniture so I gave him a watermelon.

Flurry gave me the decent nickname "cupcake". I like it!

Pietro lost something and I don't even want to know how he managed to do that.

Flo invited me to her house so I went over quickly. Her house actally looks pretty nice.

She told me a smart life hack. I could imagine her doing those life hack videos.

I decided to do the exterior of my house with the fairy-tale theme to match the town hall. I want to make this town a little different from my last Cosmic.

You can see photos of my old Cosmic in Jeff's Dream Suite Adventures here. Sadly its not online anymore so these are all I have left of that town (sniff)
Thanks for reading! I hope everyone in Europe had a good Mother's Day and to those in other countries I hope you had a good weekend regardless.

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