Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Beth: Presents Galore

 Last week, my friend Jodie invited me over to visit her town of Crossing!

 She showed me her new brick bridge, which fits perfectly with her pretty town.

While we shopped, I bought a new hat from Gracie!

 The other day, we had a double birthday in Acorn! It's my first time with two birthdays, and it was really sweet that Chai reminded me it was Chevre's birthday.

 Today, I got a few presents from 'mum' and Chai & Chevre as thank yous for their birthday presents!

 I tried to visit Katrina today, but I was unfortunately a little too late.

 I cut down a few bamboo trees that have grown while I've been playing BOTW :P

Even though I don't like Greta, I have to admit her house kind of fits with my town theme!

I found a lost item, and set out to find the owner.

 I found the owner pretty quickly, and it forced me to talk to a few other people, which was nice.

Thanks for reading! I know I said I'd be doing a Zelda post for Tuesday, but I'll hopefully be posting it tomorrow instead over on Cafe Nintendo!

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