Thursday, 23 March 2017

Beth: Shamrock Day

Hi guys! I'm back! Sorry I haven't been around the past few posts - but I should be back on track from now.

 Last week brought Shamrock Day in Animal Crossing world, and St Patricks Day in real life.

 I made sure to go and get my beautiful green gift from Isabelle.

 It's the first one I've got in Acorn, so I kept it on for the evening.

 I also made sure to use the face-cutout standee while I was at the plaza.

 I saw a notice for the fishing tourney and even made a note on my phone. Yet, I still missed it, because of Comic Con :P

 My villagers admired my hat on my wander around town. I'm not keeping it on, guys ;)

Thanks for reading, I'll be back on Saturday with another post!

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