Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Beth: Pink and the Aurora

 Later on New Year's Eve, the Northern Lights shone over Acorn.

 I invited Kayla over to buy some things from Ellie's RV. Her RV is set up like a cafe - and includes things like a coffee machine and this bread basket. Surprisingly, I don't think I've seen this one even in Happy Home Designer!

 I played again before midnight to join the New Year countdown.

 I opened my gate for Jeff to come over and join me for the countdown, but Squishy turned up too! 

 Jeff wished me and Squishy a Happy New Year at midnight, even though it was only 7pm his time.

 Both Sheldon and Filbert joined us at the plaza for the countdown. It was nice to have 2 squirrels celebrating together! 

 Jeff and I watched the fireworks from the lower bridge while Squishy wandered and probably smuggled oranges ;)

 Jeff briefly opened for Squishy to sell perfect oranges. I headed over too, and saw Isabelle even though it was still almost 5 hours until midnight for Forest. I wish I could have stayed up, but 5am is a little late to me outside of Friday Night Forest fun :P

Thanks for coming over and joining me for the countdown, Jeff and Squishy! You are two people that made my 2016 very special :)
 Early New Year's Day, I changed my outfit to include the halo I recently purchased. I had briefly changed to my black cat dress for New Year's, but only because Jeff looked so smart!

Isabelle had a sign up to help Acorn welcome 2017.

I noticed a new house plot - Bunnie! I have Bunnie in my second town of Arrested and she has to be one of my favourite villagers of all time. I stumbled across a plushie of her back in August at a gaming convention and since then we've been close friends ;)

 In the plaza, Isabelle gave me a rooster to celebrate the New Year! It's the first zodiac statue I've got from Acorn.

 I also did my first design for a while - a Hello Kitty square for my corkboard! I made a Hello Kitty hoodie to go along with it which will be available soon along with the square.

The other night, the Northern Lights shone over Acorn once again. I love how they look when they're just softly appearing.

 Julian watched me from the beach...so I tried to sprinkle him with water :P Turns out the animation doesn't reach any lower than where the ground would be.

I popped into Club LOL and KK was playing one of my favourite songs - K.K. Condor! I bopped along for a while.

 I didn't play in the day yesterday, but in the evening I saw Katie in town.

I headed over to Forest to give him Katie and see Hopkin's RV. Jeff invited me in to purchase the standing TV. Thanks, Jeff!

Jeff kindly let me share his sparkling cider from New Year's!

This morning, Katie sent me a picture frame. I've put it in my house for now, but probably not permanently.

I also met Bunnie - and it turns out she's from Squishy's town! Thanks Squishy!

 Today, I had the standing TV customised to pink to match my house. I'm not a very pink person in real life, but I like it in game :P

 I visited Katrina, and my halo looked pretty cool in the darkness.

 Francine tried to move away from Acorn, but I stopped her immediately. I won't let one bunny go just because I have a new one!

 I finally paid of my home loan and asked Nook to build me a back room for tomorrow morning. I'm planning on making it a library.

 This evening, I visited the HHA and picked up a pink balloon from someone I StreetPassed. I think it fits in well with my outfit, the sunset and this new flower arrangement!

I tried yet again to make a perfect Snowmam, but yet again I had no success. Maybe tomorrow will bring me more luck.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your New Year is going great already!