Thursday, 30 March 2017

Beth: Returning to Acorn

 I finally played again last night, after about a week. It's obviously the first time I've played since Shamrock Day - because I still had my hat on!

It was weird actually playing again for a long period of time, I've been so busy with college that I haven't had the chance! But luckily, I've only lost Francine. Although I liked her, I'm okay with letting her go.

Up at Retail, I noticed an unusual sign. Not only did they have perfect apples as one of the premium items - but there was 4 premium items in total!

 Yes - that even means another page! It's rare for me to even have more than one in Acorn, as I have the beautiful ordinance and not the wealthy one.

 Pashmina (along with many of my other villagers) reminded me I'd been away for a while. Even though I did play last week, I doubt I managed to speak to every villager. So I made sure to speak to as many as I could while I was playing last night.

I found Snake in the campsite - but I didn't ask him to move in. However, he is one of my favourite he was one of my first villagers in my first New Leaf town.

 Talking of old friends - I did invite someone new in today! I've adored Walker since I was just a kid playing Wild World, so I knew I'd have to have him in Acorn when Amy sent me his Amiibo card a few months ago!

It has taken me a while to get round to inviting him, but oh well :P He's here now!

I made sure to gather my perfect apples and sell them while they were on premium. It earned me a little cash, which I'll probably put towards my house.

Thanks for reading!

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