Saturday, 18 March 2017

Squishy: Green fishing

Yesterday was Shamrock Day in Animal Crossing which is St Patrick's Day in the real world. Isabelle will be in the plaza dressed in green.

She will be handing out Shamrock hats for the occasion. Since I forgot to wear green, this hat saved me from getting pinched.

There is also a face cutout board set up nearby. I may be Irish but I make a really bad leprechaun.

I decided to change into a more suitable outfit. It would have been better with some green glasses and hair, but it will do.

Today was the Fishing Tourney and I actually did it for once. I decided to do it in my green outfit (for good luck).

The tourney this time was horse mackerel only, but all I was catching were dabs.

While fishing in one area, a bunch of butterflies showed up. I love spring in Animal Crossing so much.

After a while I finally made it to first place. Lets hope it lasts.

I got some fishy furniture for my troubles too!

I decided to spend the rest of my play session cleaning up my town. I came across a mush table. Wow cleaning was long overdo.

I cheaked back and I'm still wining! However 2:20pm was the last time I checked and I missed the award ceremony so I'll find out tomorrow.

Before I saved and quit I paid off a house loan. I will get the back room in my house tomorrow!

One more thing is that I set up a Discord server! Its called "Squishy Pixelz Plaza" Its where fans of the blog and my other sources of media can chat and play games together. I will pop into the voice channels once in a while to record for videos and just talk about random stuff. You can find the link here.

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone enjoyed the festivities this week.

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