Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beth and Squishy's thoughts on the 3DS Nintendo Direct

This is a collaboration post where we give our thoughts on the 3DS Nintendo Direct that happened on the 1st September.

Mario Sports Superstars

Squishy: I enjoy Mario sports games but usually not on a handheld. This game however looks really fun. I might pick it up.

Beth: I've played a few Mario sports games but they don't get me too excited - honestly I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. However, this does look like a fun game!

Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Woolly World coming to 3DS

Squishy; As someone who owns one game but doesn't own the other I can see this being both a good and a bad thing. It gives 3DS users that can't get a Wii U a chance to play these awesome games. Then again this is basically Nintendo saying that the Wii U is dead.

Beth: I can't wait for Super Mario Maker! As I don't own a Wii U, this one is definitely on my to-buy list. I've always found it interesting, and loved platform type Mario games such as Super Mario 64 and more recently Super Mario 3D Land. I'm not as bothered about Yoshi's Woolly World, but it is probably something I'll look into.

Streetpass Mii Plaza update

Squishy: This is one of the best updates for the plaza in ages. They finally updated the amount of Miis that come into your plaza at a time and make going though the Miis quicker. This feature will make going to conventions easier. Also the dolt cars game is fun (I may or may not have spent 40 Play Coins on it).

Beth: The Mii Plaza doesn't bother me much, but I do use it when I'm out in busy places. However, it is annoying to only be able to StreetPass 10 people at a time, so this update will definitely come in useful.

Pikmin 3DS

Squishy: My first thoughts when I saw this was "Josh (from TheBitBlock) is gonna go crazy". I haven't played a proper Pikmin game but I think that this is the correct way to introduce the series to handheld systems. Imagine keeping track of 100 Pikmin on a tiny screen. I might pick it up after I play one of the games in the main series.

Beth: I've never playe a Pikmin game, so I'm not really bothered about this one. If anything, I'd prefer to pick up a main game, like Squishy.

Animal Crossing

Squishy: The amiibo cards made me want to buy an NFC reader. Plus I'm really excited for the Animal Crossing direct coming sometime this Autumn. The only flaw with the Animal Crossing update is that they are re-releasing a version of the game with the amiibo data already in it. That seems odd and a bit unfair since people who got New Leaf at launch will have to go through packs of amiibo cards to see every character while newcomers to the game can just buy the never version and have it there automatically.

Beth: This update definitely looks interesting...but it also annoys me. The past year of Animal Crossing has been a major disappointment for me - with getting little fun out of Happy Home Designer and not being able to purchase Amiibo cards due to the cost. As I don't have a Wii U, I haven't yet played Amiibo Festival, but honestly I'm not bothered.

However, this update does look good, and there are a lot of features I'll be interested in. Getting new furniture (like some of that released in Happy Home Designer) is something that will definitely appeal to me, and I like the idea of adding new villagers. But...this will likely push back the release of Animal Crossing for NX (or whatever they decide to do next), which I would have been much more interested in. And unless they have a lot of ideas behind the scenes, it's likely we're going to have a lot of things in this update rather in the next game. In my opinion, I'd much rather see that in the works than a new side game or update.


Squishy: I think we had one of the best Nintendo Directs since April 2015. We got a balance of small things that release this month and bigger things coming in the near future. Plus we have an Animal Crossing direct to look forward to.

Beth: It's an interesting one. I'm excited to see that there's a lot happening in the world of Nintendo, and I'm glad I'll be around when it's all released...but as you can see, I have a few niggles, too. However overall, it's been a good one. We've got a lot to look forward to!

What did you enjoy most about the direct and what are you expecting to show up in the Animal Crossing one? Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading. :)


  1. I don't think ACNL: Welcome Amiibo has the Amiibo characters unlocked, it's just New Leaf with the update pre-installed. So you would still need the Amiibo cards for the villagers (which is why it comes with a card).

    1. Oh okay. Regardless I'm looking forward to it. Thanks