Monday, 1 August 2016

Beth: Making a wish

I've managed to play more the past few days and get a lot of StreetPasses from London Film & Comic Con yesterday!

 I woke up pretty early to travel to London yesterday, and I have to say I love the misty 6am skies.

 I wasn't planning on playing before I left but as I had some time, Jeff came and dropped Katie off in my town!

 I then quickly visited his town to see my first meteor shower since I started Acorn.

Back in Acorn, I found a camper, and I was suddenly glad I don't have space.

I don't feel strongly about our relationship, Lily. Jeff's the one that wants you :P I don't mind Lily, and Jeff dropped hints that he might like her in Forest one day, so I decided to keep hold of her!

Sheldon gave me a new nickname. Could be worse, I guess!

Up in the museum, I completed my first fossil!

A little birdy told me I had a new message on my notice board, and ironically as I checked it a message came through to my phone.

As I was wandering around town, I accidentally took a photo while heading into Retail. But I'm glad I did, as I got a pretty photo out of it!

This evening, Olivia asked me to fetch her some fruit...while standing around some perfect apple trees. I turned around, turned back and handed one over.

I only mentioned that I was looking forward to the fireworks to Jeff last night, so it was nice to see this message!

 I finally got the sewing machine today! I made a floor for my newly refurbished here it is if anyone would like it!

Other designs such as my dress and this path will hopefully be up (along with the floor above) on Jeff's QR code page sometimes soon.

 No, Olivia. Meow is much better.

 I finally attended the ceremony for the street light.

And soon after started and paid off the dream suite! I'll have my DC up tomorrow for anyone who wants to pay Acorn a visit.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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