Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Beth: Friday Night Frogs

The other night, I headed on at 3am my time to go to Jeff's monthly open town night! I love how the sky tends to be misty at night.

In Jeff's town, he revealed his evil plan to make us all dress up as frogs for this themed Friday Night Forest ;)

Us froggies headed to the river, where we wished on a few shooting stars.

 We then showered, 'cause it gets kinda sweaty in these suits ;)

 After a while of exploring Forest, we headed to the island to do a few tours.

 A little later, Jeff & I headed off to get coffee.

 We all headed up to Main Street to shop, and Jeff glitched into the museum. Although it looked like he was on top of the museum for him, we could see him in the doorway...and walk through him.

Merka then left for the night, so me, Jeff & Mike headed to Club LOL for a while to dance and chat. The gyroids on stage turned out to be hilarious, sounding like they were doing an awesome farting solo! Around 5am, Jeff ended the session, but we had a good 2 hours (once I'd got over the horror of being a frog :P). Thanks for having us, Jeff!

 On Saturday, I blearily opened my DS to see not just one frogs, but two! I decided to join Lily and keep my hood on for a while...which also means no need for an umbrella in thunderstorms!

Lily must have picked up some weird telepathy from my still froggish mind, as she then talked to me about Jeff. You know what Lily? You're right.

 Yesterday, I finally decided to become human again. I also headed to the campsite, and found an adorable squirrel! Why is Acorn full?!

Francine asked to move out, but I didn't let her. She can't leave Bonbon now she's just moved in!

Thanks for reading! Sorry we haven't been around for a few days, both of us have now started back at school and have been pretty distracted! Hopefully we'll soon have a worked out schedule for you all.

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