Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beth: Shopping!

 I've been trying to get on before 8pm to head to Club LOL when I can! I haven't had many more chances, but I do now have an angry emotion.

 Chow decided to move out of Acorn. I never particularly liked him, so I let him go without a second thought.

 I only have a couple of fossils to find now, maybe 4 or so?

 Today, Chevre asked me to collect signatures for More Rainy Days in 2016. I don't mind rain in real life or the game, so hopefully I can get these signatures from Jeff's town later!

 In T&T tonight, they had a half price special. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but this kitchen floor could come in useful for so cheap!

 I ended up doing some more shopping, preparing for winter.

 I then headed up to see my recent streetpasses.

 And took a look at the few houses!

 Most of them aren't really developed, but there could be a few interesting items if I search through.

 Back in town, I found a sloppy lamp! It's shocking me how much sloppy stuff I'm finding in Acorn already.

Thanks for reading!

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