Thursday, 15 September 2016

Beth: Happy Home Designer: Smokey food & Swimming

The other day, I headed onto HHD. I've found that it's a good thing for me to relax with and focus on when I'm stressed - as it doesn't involve too much thinking.

 This little hammy wanted a smoke house. I, naturally, based his house around wood.

 Not that I'm trying to kill him or anything (he's not Tom Nook), but this theme just fit the starter items!

 Outside, I kept it fall/wood themed, with a few fire themed items.

 I then decided to design Scoot's house with a  pool.

 I placed his house on a tropical island!

 Inside, I kept it fairly simple.

 I actually had a bit of a headache at the time, and scrolling through endless items was hurting a little. So I didn't spend ages on his house.

In the back room, I made a small water themed bedroom/living area!

Thanks for reading, I'll be back in a couple of days with a New Leaf update, and we'll go into a new schedule next week!

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