Monday, 19 September 2016

Squishy: Birthday Bash!

The 15th September was my birthday (I feel old). So some of my favourite villagers threw me a party.

It always rains on my birthday in Animal Crossing.

Avery didn't seem to understand the dress code.

They gave me a birthday hat as a gift. I'll keep it on for a while.

The attention can be awkward for me.

I am an adult!

Blaire for president!
I couldn't think of a weird wish so I settled for a normal one.


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! :)

The next day was Autumn Moon. Isabellle was handing out veggie baskets.

Eat your veggies kids!
The moon doesn't look that interesting. Maybe I wasn't playing late enough.

There was also a face cutout board. Unlike most of the others this one didn't make me look like a loner.

Thank you for reading and I'll post again on Wednesday.

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